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    Nobunagun Fan Anthologies

    September 3, 2015 by Pennydox

    Fans of the series from Japan and America combined efforts to make Fan anthologies based on the series, revolving a single character. 

    The first anthology was created for William Tell, who was a character in the one shot manga. Twelve artists contributed, including Hisa Masato himself, who designed the front cover of the project. 

    You can purchase the book here:

    The second anthology was revolved around Adam Muirhead, aka. Jack the Ripper/ Veronica Nightingale. It included twenty two artists, which consisted of light novel writers, illustrators, and manga artists. Hisa Masato included a short comic in this piece. The project also contained a two page poster spread as well. 

    You can purchase the book here:…

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