<Sio and Kaoru

Episode 10

Saint Germain's and Commander's past is revealed. After the Commander’s village was destroyed millenniums ago, she was scouted by DOGOO the alien. Each time she slept, centuries passed while DOGOO collected genes from historical people, converted them to E-Genes. On one of her awakenings, she is joined by Saint Germain. They were to inject E-Genes into people and awaken when the time is ready. They are seen collecting DNA from Dai Zong and Oda Nobunaga. The Commander did not like Nobunaga’s aggressive style so she abandons DOGOO. Saint Germain followed her as her companion throughout the years. The Commander aged a lot while Saint Germain remains the same. The place they lived at was attacked and the Commander learned her lesson, one that she have learned years ago when she did not get Nobunaga’s DNA. Years passed again when the Commander awakened. She was to be in charge of the new organization called DOGOO while the real DOGOO rested, gotten weaker from the millennia. That was how DOGOO was formed and the soldiers assembled.

Back in the present, First Platoon is keeping an eye out on the cephalopod. Jack tells Ogura that the higher ups are planning on attacking the tunnel with just Fist and Second Platoons. She joins Jack in attacking the cephalopod. Ogura orchestrates a plan to surprise the enemy. She feels the cephalopod is trying to distract DOGOO on the sides of the tunnel while the EIO builds another tunnel in the middle. So her plan is to build another tunnel connecting to the surface, forcing the EIO go to aboveground. She asks Capa, First Platoon, Second Platoon, and Special Platoon (a total of 9 E-Gene holders) to help her in their surprise attack on the EIO. >Operation Stone Forest Part 1