Evolutionary Invasion Objects
Evolutionary Invasion Object
Gender None
Class Evolutionary Invasion Objects
Debut Episode 1

The Evolutionary Invasion Object shortened EIO, are a species of aliens that landed on earth years ago, and have been thriving in the oceans trying to adapt and destroy the planet. These life forms have destroyed countless civilizations in their lifetime.


EIO almost adapted to the ground

The most common type of EIO

The appearance of the Evolutionary Invasion Object varied depending of their "rank" or "type". It also depends on wether they have adapted to the enviroment in which they are, being this, one of their main goals. Most of this aliens have a fish-like appearance with fin and gills. They usually have many eyes being the yellow their main colors. Their skins is usually dark red or purple and have one or two pointy extremities which they used them to attack.

Origin and evolutionEdit

Meteorite infected with EIO

Meteorite in which it's said that the EIO came to Earth

The Evolutionay Invasion Object are though to have flown in about 10 years ago on a tiny meteorite.They fell into the Pacific Ocean and from there their cells began evolving in order to take a form appropriate to Earth's enviroment. During the time being, they resemble fish, but before long, they'll probably develop to amphibian and reptile level.

This list lines up the types of Evolutionay Invasion Object DOGOO has faced in past battles:

  • 2007: Johnston Atoll, Torpedo class
  • 2008: Hawaii, cruiser class
  • 2011: Bikini Atoll, Cruiser class
  • 2012: Saipan, Heavy Cruiser class
  • 2012: Saipan, Gunboat class


The skills and abilities of the Evolutionary Invasion Object change depending on their class and rank. The currently most powerful class is the Battleship.

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