<Capa's Island

Episode 4

Ogura and the others are sent to deal with an Evolutionary Invasion Object that can ride a hurricane and avenge the deaths of the crew of the D-101 Hurricane research crew that got their plane destroyed by the EIO. Ogura will act as the sniper, Galileo as the spotter, and Jack as the backup. Galileo’s EU spots dozens of eggs on the EIO. If they fall into the ocean, eventually they will hatch on dry land, causing chaos. Ogura has one chance to kill it before it can drop the eggs. With help from her training and from the Oda Nobunaga within, Sio defeats the EIO but it was not one but two combined. The second EIO releases 12 eggs before Jack kills it so Jack uses Ogura’s guns to propel themselves to each of the eggs. DOGOO feels that the EIO does not evolve separately, but one communication EIO coordinating their evolutions and invasions on Earth. On a side note, Ogura is starting to have feelings for Jack.

>The Second Platoon