Cyx 1
Name Suho/Esui
Kanji スーホ/食べ物
Romanji SUHO
Aliases Cyx
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation DOGOO, First platoon
Occupation E-Gene Holder, combatant
Partner Geronimo, Gaudi
Status Active
E-Gene Suho/Sükhe
Weapon Motorcycle
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Mutsumi Tamura
English Voice Elizabeth Maxwell
First Appearance
Anime Episode 6
Don't dare to bad mouth the princess!

A woman who can transform her body into a motorcycle-like machine named Cyx (スーホ Sūho), albeit with treads instead of wheels. She dotes on Geronimo, whom she calls Princess.


Cyx design

Cyx design

Cyx is a tall, fair skinned woman with long roughly cared blond hair and big lips. She is always seen wearing her skintight battle suit with a long coat; her suit's colors are pink.


Cyx angry with Gonda

Angered Cyx

Cyx is a rough and bad-tempered person who is always next to Geronimo. She likes to make fun of Gaudi together with Geronimo acting as the Beta female. She usually refers to Geronimo as "princess" suggesting that she has a lot of respect to her, always following her orders without being able to question her. Cyx gets easily angry when someone is trying to hurt Geronimo in someway.

Cyx smiling
She looks down the others platoon, making fun of them and stating that her platoon do their work better than the others. But, even though she has such a rude behavior toward the others platoon, she cares for her platoon's partners.

Skill and AbilitiesEdit

Cyx going through a metal door
Cyx, being an E-gene holder, is capable of channeling Suho's white horse through an AU ball and in doing so is able to use an E-gene weapon resembling the personality/abilities of the mongolian shepherd, in Cyx's case, she is able to a summon and use a motorcycle. The motorcycle can be used underwater and as blunt weapons when neseccery . Her real name is Эрдэнэбилиг.