Jess Beckham
Newton 1
Name Jess Beckham
Kanji ジェス·ベッカム
Romanji Jesu· bekkamu
Gender Female
  • Human
  • E-Gene Holder
Professional Status
Affiliation DOGOO, Second Platoon
Occupation E-Gene Holder, combatant
Partner Shio, Jack and Gandhi
Status Active
E-Gene Isaac Newton
Date 1643-1727
Weapon Gravity boot
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Yū Asakawa
English Voice Caitlin Glass
First Appearance
Anime Episode 2

Jess is an E-Gene Holder affiliated with DOGOO and a member of the Second Platoon. When she uses an AU ball, she generates a massive boot on her right foot which can alter the gravity on whatever target she steps on with it. Jess is also capable of using said boot to calculate fluctuations of mass or gravity within an undescribed range.


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Newton's design

Jess is a tall young woman with white skin, blue eyes, long blond hair that is always seen in two braids and just one braid while in battles, and prone to wearing a large amount of lipstick. She wears her platoon's standard orange uniform when on duty. Her battle suit color is blue and consists of a long coat, boots, shorts and her red-pointy shades


Newton's generousity
She is a friendly (too friendly), sweet and amicable person. She is very polite and is always in a good mood, willing to help her partners in whatever she can. She enjoys seeing the people around her happy and in good mood. Due to Newton's influence she is more friendly than she should be, french kissing everyone whom she meets, be it a man or a woman as a part of her greetings.
Newton's smirk
In battles, Jess' true nature appears, becoming a more arrogant and aggresive person but also becomes an ace in combat. She is not as polite as before and enjoys figthing, smiling and shouting when she attacks. She becomes a Lady of War.

Skill and AbilitiesEdit

Newton's AU

Jess' AU weapon

Jess, being an E-gene holder, is capable of channeling the english physicist Issac Newton through an AU ball and in doing so she is able to use an E-gene weapon resembling the personality/abilities of Newton, in Jess' case, she is able to a summon a gravity boot.
Newton preparing to attack

Jess preparing to attack

Jess' boot allow her to increase the gravity of whatever she stomps. She uses this ability to paralyze/crush her target or to break through various structures. As stated by her, she cannot increase the gravity of multiple enemies, being able of doing this with just one enemy at a time. Shio used Jess' gravity to increase her own gravity and lessen the recoil of her shots.


  • Newton's-3gs

    Newton applying 3g force on Shio

    3gs force:
    Jess used this force to lessen the recoil from Shio's gatling gun. Is the weakest force she has used so far. 

  • Newton's-5gs

    Newton applying 5g force on an Invasion Creature

    5gs force
    : Is the usual force she uses. She is able to stomp and paralyze most targets with this output.
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