John Hunter
Hunter 1
Name John Hunter
Kanji ジョン·ハンター
Romanji Jon· hantā
Aliases Hunter
Gender Male
  • Human
  • E-Gene Holder
Professional Status
Affiliation DOGOO
Occupation E-Gene Holder, disector
Partner Galileo, Vidocq
Status Active
E-Gene John Hunter
Date 1728-1793
Weapon Claws and syringe
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Makoto Yasumura
English Voice Ian Sinclair
First Appearance
Anime Episodee 5
John Hunter or simply know as Hunter is an E-Gene Holder affiliated with DOGOO and is the designated dissector of the supranational organization. His platoon is conformed by Vidocq  and Galileo.


John Hunter concept design

Hunter design

Hunter is a slender and notably tall man (the tallest one among the Holders) with pale skin and a long face. He has a light brown mohawk hair and a goatee style beard which is his most distinctive feature and that also makes him look one of the oldest E-Gene Holders among DOGOO. He is almost always seen wearing DOGOO's standby uniform which in his case, consist of a light blue shirt and pants, a red tie and pair of white shoes. His battle suit's colors are white and blue.


John's smile

Hunter ready to dissect

Hunter, as the man in charge of the research and dissection of the Evolutionary Invasion Objects, loves to dissect and analyze the composition of the creatures he is working with, showing a smile when he is going to start his operations.

People around him consider him as grumpy, since he is always complaining on how hard his job is and how he considers the job of the others holders as an easy one, since they just have to "kill". 

He loves japanese food, especially the baked noodles on the bread also knowns as Yakisoba. 

John angry at Vidocq
Even though he looks like a detached person, he in fact cares about the others, showing a special affection toward his platoon partner Galileo, to whom he refers as "Galiko".
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