>The Second Platoon

Episode 6

The episode shows a mission that the First Platoon is on. They are forced to make an emergency landing in the mountains during the blizzard. While Gaudi waits in the plane watching the prisoner, Geronimo and Cyx investigate the building further up the place. When they find out something is wrong, they retreat back to the plane but the person who let them in tries to kill them. They had to escape into the building. Geronimo finds a camera, learning that the man kills everyone in the building. He did it because he ate meat from an EIO but turns out to be a joke they pulled. Learning the truth, they try to catch up to the mad man while he makes his way to the plane. He releases the prisoner, which turns out to be an EIO, but it kills the mad man. They kill the EIO and return back to headquarters.

>Musashi Wonder