<Operation Stone Forest Part 2

Episode 13

In this episode, one learns the real identity of Jack the Ripper. It is Florence Nightingale. She kills the infected women who carry the disease and the organ that holds it. She is willing to hold the identity as Jack the Ripper, knowing that killing is required to help mankind. That is why Jack’s Nightingale mode only shows up when mankind is at the brink of extinction and Ogura is the key to it.

Back in the present, Ogura asks headquarters for the tanks to attack at one spot. Jack uses the force of the tanks’ missiles to cut a gap into the battleship-type EIO. Jack will distract the landmine-type EIO while Ogura makes her way to the brain. She destroys the brain.

At Upala, their attack on the EIO is proved to be successful but a new EIO shows up that will attack anything that isn’t the transport-type EIO, even its own kind. Hunter, Geronimo, Gaudi, Cyx, and Gandhi attack it. They kill the EIO.

Both sides attack are successful. Everyone returns to headquarters to take a long deep nap. Every wakes up. From their wager in episode 12, Hunter wins, killing more EIO than Geronimo and Jack. Back at the command center of headquarters, the other platoons finish killing the EIO and are returning to headquarters. First, Second, and Special Platoons visit Galileo in the hospital. When she congratulates Vidocq on his genius idea with the descent pods, she didn’t know that it was Ogura’s, putting a dent in his ego. Ogura and Jack sneaks off to have a talk. Jack thanks her for not telling anyone of Jack the Ripper’s true identity. Only he, Ogura, and the alien Dogoo know. Ogura thanks Jack for rescuing her but he only did it because of the voice in his head said to. Then he kisses her and she gets a nosebleed, ending the episode.