Episode 11

Ogura faces the enemy's battleship-type cephalopod with an army of tanks while the others follows up with her plan called “Operation Stone Forest”. First, Ogura and the M1A2 Abrams tanks will distract the cephalopod. Second, Capa and Newton will begin Phase 1, luring the enemies’ main forces out the hole with Newton’s gravity, disorienting the enemies’ equilibrium, forcing them to go aboveground. Third, Jack, Hunter, Geronimo, and Gaudi will begin Phase 2 in Upala, destroying the security escorts before they can go back underground, burrow into their tunnel, and eliminate the base cells. Fourth, Cyx and Gandhi will begin Phase 3, digging an entrance behind the enemies’ lines from Phase 1, forcing the escorts towards Upala. Fifth, the flying fortresses Alex Rogan, Joji Atsumi, and Steven Hiller will release descent pods, causing the cephalopod to wrap its arms around them to get rid of them, giving the tanks clearance to its arms. When the tanks fire missiles with enough speed, it will cause the landmine-type EIO inside the arms to explode. Finally, Ogura destroys the cephalopod. But from underwater, something grabs Ogura.

>Operation Stone Forest Part 2