<Operation Stone Forest Part 1

Episode 12

An unexpected second battleship-type cephalopod suddenly appears and captures Ogura. This EIO has more tentacles than the one she fought before. She deactivates her AU weapon from her right arm and activates it again on her right leg. She uses the same tactic but it shields its weak point. The second cephalopod was born inside the first one, learning Ogura’s attack strategy, and attacking her when the first one dies. She escapes its clutches and kills one of its eyes but not before being attacked by landmine-type EIO on its head. Ogura survives but is seriously injured and will not deactivate her EU weapon until the base cells are destroyed.

Meanwhile, the EIO in Phases 2 and 3 are isolated in Upala. Jack and Geronimo fight the EIO to see who kills the most. Hunter breaks down from killing a living EIO. Then a more evolved EIO slips past Jack and heads for Hunter and Gandhi. The EIO attacks Gandhi but ignores Hunter because he had EIO blood covering him from killing one earlier. Hunter dissects a dead EIO and learns about the EIO blood makeup. Since the EIO evolutions were mainly from the ocean, their sense of sight is not sharp, except for their other senses. The blood covering Hunter releases hormones that tell the EIO that he is a friend and not a foe. Before Jack could kill any more EIO, his Jack the Ripper E-Gene tells him to go to Ogura. He makes it in time before the cephalopod kills her, showing his Nightingale mode.

In other places, Ogura receives emotional support from friends and people. >Nobunagun (episode)