Episode 9

From the information Galileo risked her life to discover is that the EIO changed from their most advanced evolutions to their predecessors evolutions, from vertebrates to invertebrates. From the tunnel First Platoon found in the previous episode, the arthropods in the small holes around the tunnel contain base cells with DNA of all the EIO previous evolutions, letting it change its form at any given moment. At the center guarding the tunnel is the cephalopod EIO the Platoons fought. Before they can further device a plan of attack, the EIO made landfall all around the Pacific, preventing DOGOO from attacking the tunnel. DOGOO has no choice but to deal with the Pacific attacks.

Meanwhile, Ogura is sent to a Japanese hospital to recover, from the Commander as thank you. Her injuries are just a bruise and a sprained ankle, not like Galileo who won’t be seeing the front lines again. Kaoru Asao decides to visit and to help Ogura while she recovering from the last mission. Asao figures out that Ogura has a crush on Jack, despite her denial. Their reunion is cut short when EIO attacks Japan. While Asao helps the injured on the bus, Ogura calls Alex Rogan for emergency EU sphere drop. Before an EIO is able to attack them, Saint Germain stops it but it explodes the car he rode in. Saint Germain is seemingly killed. While Asao distracts the EIO, the bus manages to escape. Ogura tries to rescue Asao but her sprain restrains her. Without the EU sphere, Ogura calls upon the Oda Nobunaga in her DNA, shooting a bullet from her fingertip, using up a lot of her energy. Then more EIO shows up but before they can attack, Jack shows up in one of DOGOO’s pods. Ogura, satisfied that help has arrived, faints.